Let us assist you and / your marketing team

At Blenb we would help you create a brand/product awareness by displaying (advertising) your promoted brand/product on our website

Support your brand/product marketing campaign through social media (twitter, facebook, instagram), working according to your budget either through promoted posts, ads using these various social media platforms

Need a social media team? We can help you create and manage your social media platforms according to your plans and strategy, making sure you create and maintain a relationship with fans and / clients on your social media platforms.

We can help you brand your youtube/vevo page and make it a go to source for all your videos/audio releases as a result of the significant growth and use of the internet, which has created an avenue for you to earn cash through your views is an alternative to TV, viewers are able to watch all visual content anytime they want as oppose to television. Email us with your visuals youtube/vevo link on your official youtube/vevo page and we would post it on our site if it reaches our content requirements