About Us

Blenb is a visual marketing firm focused on managing and or the display of visual ads, music videos, visual marketing campaigns through various social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, our website and outbound marketing.

BLENB.COM is Africa’s premium online entertainment visual only marketing platform, our goal is to help African acts, entertainment firms and other related businesses achieve its inbound visual marketing goals through our website and other social media platforms. The steady growth of the use of the internet in the African continent has made it possible for the internet to be used as a tool for marketing in the entertainment industry at large.

Our website serves as a platform to create, build and target an audience in the African community both within and outside the continent , providing you with a suitable means to advertise/showcase your visual content. our focus is to assist African acts using there youtube/vevo channel project there visual content to wider markets in Nigeria, Africa and the rest of the world, with an aim to not only maintain there existing fan base but also develop new ones in these different regions ,while at the same time increasing the chances of turning the video content into a source of income in the long run .

Our website also provides an avenue for artist to advertise there youtube channels, providing an opportunity for current and prospective fans to check out everything the artist has to offer on the channel and also hopefully lead to fans subscribing to the channel.