August 10, 2016

I Owe You Nothing – OUCH Boss, Uche Nnaji Falls Out With Dapper Windscreen Cleaner

Abdullahi-Olatoyan and Uche Nnaji

Things have reportedly gone sour between Abdulahi Olatoyan popularly known as the dapper windscreen cleaner, and OUCH CEO, Uche Nnaji who offered to employ Olatoyan after his story went viral.

According to Encomium, just weeks into his new job, Abdulahi walked out on OUCH, fuming that his life hasn’t changed since he was signed on.

ouch 03

In response to his words, Uche Nnaji then told him  thathe was not God that transforms destinies overnight.

He said, “I am not your father, I owe you nothing. This sense of entitlement is shocking. Does this guy think I transform destinies overnight? That solely is an exclusive preserve of God the Miracle Worker”

See screen shots of Uche Nnaji’s social media rant on the issue:

ouch 01

Olatoyan shot to limelight in May 2016 after pictures of him washing windscreens in a dapper suit went viral on social media. It even landed him a feature on CNN.

The 30 year old University dropout won the admiration of many when he wore a bright polka dot suit and red velvet bow tie as he washed windscreens for tips in Abeokuta, Ogun state.

He immediately got a job offer via Instagram at menswear label, OUCH as a style doctor, where he would advice men on how to dress flamboyantly but all was not as rosy as he had hoped so the young man decided to return to the streets and continue his ‘hustle’.

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