August 09, 2016

Falz And Simi Strike Adorable Poses As A Couple On Impelling Africa’s Lifestyle Edition [SEE PICS INSIDE]



Falz The Bahd Guy, and his ”bae” Simi, are bringing all their ‘adorable-ness’ to the pages of Impelling Africa’s Lifestyle edition.

The talented musicians have endeared themselves to many within and across the shores of Nigeria and a lot of people are still questioning just how platonic they say their relationship really is.

 Both artistes sat with Impelling Africa Nigeria and talked about their music careers, keeping their heads above the waters of the industry and dealing with fame.

See more great pictures of the lovely Falz and Simi cozying up together:

impelling 05

impelling 04

impelling 03

impelling 02

impelling 01


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