August 10, 2016

OAP Freeze Criticizes David Cameron For Calling Nigeria Corrupt

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Popular Nigerian OAP, Freeze has publicly attacked British Prime Minister, David Cameron over his recent remark calling Nigeria as ‘fantastically corrupt’ country  ahead of the UK’s anti-corruption summit on Thursday.

The Prime Minister was caught on camera talking to the Queen of England and others about Nigeria and Afghanistan being two of the most corrupt countries in the world and this statement has cause quite a stir around the globe especially in those two countries.

Freeze, via an Instagram post, shared his displeasure with a picture of an alleged tax evasion report by Cameron’s late dad, Ian and accompanied it with a hard-hitting caption.

See below:

freeze cameron

The ace broadcaster wrote:

Dear David, when you get to hell, help me greet your fantastically corrupt dad,’ the expressive media personality wrote.

‘I can’t believe that you, a man whose father was implicated in the Panama papers saga and this same you were asked by the opposition to resign because you owned shares in the alleged company that was involved, are now calling Nigeria corrupt???’

The qualification required to call someone corrupt, is to be absolutely corruption free yourself. I wish my president was from the ghetto so he could bitch slap your punk ass and turn you bright pink. But then again….. He wouldn’t want to stain his palms.~FRZ’


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